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Nikki Martin

Breakout Session - Inspiring Inclusion - Building Skills to Become a Better Leader

Nikki Martin is a Writer, Speaker, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Since 2018 she has released the first two novels in her Sci-fi/fantasy series Awake While Dreaming, premiered her first short film A Walk in the Sun at the Atlantic International Film Festival, and won the RBC Script Development prize for her first feature film The Space Between. She is a seasoned Yoga Teacher, dedicated to mentoring and developing newer teachers, and has become a community leader in the work of pushing the industry to be more equitable, inclusive and diverse. In 2020 she co-founded the Black Wellness Co-op, a not-for-profit tasked with bringing wellness, fitness and yoga resources to BIPOC and underserved communities in Nova Scotia and she remains actively engaged in that organization and their mission. Her ongoing work as DE&I educator and speaker fall under her newly formed company NM Creative Inc. where she continues to teach and inspire people to actively make change for the better within their organizations, communities, and most importantly themselves. 

Whether she is teaching, writing, delivering workshops or working in community, Nikki brings her creative voice, enthusiasm for collaboration, and unwavering passion to everything she does. 

Nikki Martin
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