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Nicole Steeves

The Atlantic Producers

Nicole Steeves is an award-winning writer, director, actor, and producer. She has written and directed six short films, two feature films, and most recently produced Tara Thorne's debut feature film Compulsus, which was a recipient of Telefilm's Talent to Watch funding. She is the co-owner of Not for Everyone Films, along with partners Struan Sutherland & Bill Corkum. Her first feature Head Space, which she also produced, was made possible through the 1K WAVE Atlantic program created by WIFT-AT and Ingrid Veninger of pUNK Films. Her second feature, Aliens with Knives (co-directed with Struan Sutherland) was created in partnership with Cinema 902 and Eastlink Television and had an award-winning festival run.

Nicole Steeves
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