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Nicole Close

Demystifying Entry into the Union World

Nicole Close is a Halifax-based First Assistant Director and one of the leading production professionals in the Nova Scotia film industry. 


She started in the film and television industry as an actor, working first in commercials, then in dramatic film and TV roles.  The more experience she had on film sets the more Nicole was drawn to the action behind the camera. After volunteering on a number of productions in various departments, she found her place in the assistant director department.


Nicole has extensive experience both as a First and Second AD.  This includes television (Moonshine, Diggstown, Mr. D., Trailer Park Boys, Sex & Violence) and feature films (Hailey Rose, Aversion The Lighthouse, Night Blooms, Hobo with a Shotgun). Nicole has also been involved on more than a dozen short films, taught workshops and provided mentorship for various film programs in Nova Scotia. Originally from Vancouver, Nicole has lived in Halifax since the late 1990s. 

Nicole Close
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