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Kate Macdonald

Morning Networking

Kate Macdonald was born and raised in Kjipuktuk (popularized as Halifax). Macdonald studied Performance Acting at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, ON. Kate is a community facilitator and youth programmer, as well as an artist. Her art practice is vast, curative and explorative. Themes that are of particular prominence in Macdonald’s work are self expression, movement, tension, release, justice, healing, joy, magic and natural and ancestral connection. In 2020, Kate, Trayvone Clayton & DeRico Symonds created an African Nova Scotian community based, youth-led initiative called The Game Changers. After a year of working together in advocacy, activism, and community they decided to collaborate officially. Macdonald’s hopes are to remain curious, disruptive and to continue creating space to experience joy and encourage self celebration. Kate is currently a Project Manager at The Youth Project.

Kate Macdonald
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