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Beth Amiro

The Kid Stays In The Picture

Beth (she/her) is an award-winning actor, taking home an ACTRA award for her Outstanding Performance in Second Wedding from Screen Nova Scotia in 2021. Beth has appeared on TV shows such as Trailer Park Boys, Haven, Pure, and Sullivan’s Crossing. Beth also co-produced and was featured in Freedom Swell, the story of the North Preston Surf Program, which won an award for Best Documentary at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards in June. Beth has produced three films: The Date and Second Wedding, both of which have garnered awards and accolades including the Telefilm Not Short on Talent Showcase at Cannes, and the Award for Best Rom Com at the Canadian International Comedy Film Festival in 2022. Her most recent project, The Third, is currently in post-production. She has worked in many different departments in film over the past 15 years, including as a stand-in, on-set dresser, stunt performer, intimacy coordinator, production coordinator, and in locations and craft services. Beth is a mother who also strives for a better work-life balance within the film industry, something that is hugely motivating to her while she sets intentions for producing her next project.

Beth Amiro
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