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Olesya Shyvikova

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With a diverse academic background and a passion for storytelling, Olesya Shyvikova embodies a unique blend of expertise and empathy in her work as both a journalist and a filmmaker. While she currently calls Canada home, her roots in Ukraine run deep, shaping her unwavering commitment to shedding light on the realities of conflict.

Olesya holds a Master's degree in Political Science, specializing in the Middle East. Fluent in Arabic, English, Ukrainian, and Russian, her geopolitical expertise enriches her storytelling, offering vital context to the complex narratives she delves into. Transitioning to journalism and filmmaking as her second degree, Olesya seamlessly merges her academic background with her creative talents, crafting powerful works that resonate intellectually and emotionally. Her commitment to amplifying the voices of those affected by conflict has led her from the frontlines of Ukraine to the farthest reaches of the globe.

With three documentaries and two documentary series already under her belt, Olesya continues to expand her portfolio, currently undertaking the production of two documentary features with the support of esteemed institutions such as the Canada Council of Arts and Telefilm Canada. Her work not only captures the stark truths of war but also the resilience and humanity that endure amidst the chaos.

Recognizing the need for specialized training in navigating conflict zones, Olesya is an alumna of the HEFAT school in Washington, DC. Equipped with the skills to lead her crew safely through even the most hostile environments, she ensures that the stories she tells are not only powerful but ethically and safely captured. 

 Olesya Shyvikova
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