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Beyond the Whisper Network: A Town Hall Discussion

An opportunity for us to come together to assess and analyze what can be done to encourage and ensure respectful environments.

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CBC Pitch Competition

The CBC Pitch Competition is back thanks to the generosity of CBC, 902 Post and Star Power Atlantic.

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WAVE Awards

Hosted by the Directors Guild of Canada the WAVE Awards celebrate outstanding and inspiring WIFT-AT members nominated by the community.

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New Waterford Girl: A Live Read

Hear this seminal 1999 coming-of-age story again or for the first time with a brand-new all-local cast, directed by the screenwriter herself, Tricia Fish.

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UPDATE SEE DESCRIPTION A Self-Distribution Workshop

~UPDATE session no longer presented in person~ Getting your feature into theatres without the help of a major distributor is possible.

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Level Up With Lori

So you’ve got a solid script, a responsible budget, a capable team, and a dream. Then you learn: It’s not always enough.

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Geographies of Solitude: A Case Study in surrender as process

Jacquelyn Mills offers an immersion into the rich ecosystem of Sable Island and the resulting film.

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The Kid Stays in the Picture

Anecdotes and advice on how to maintain a work-life balance, what has improved over the years, and ways the industry could do better. Presented by Clerisy Entertainment.

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Accessibility Unlocked: How a Safe and Sustainable Set Helps Everyone

Telefilm Keynote: Strategies for working toward a more inclusive and accessible culture on set.

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All Up In Your Feelings

Presented by the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation. A team of feelings-rooted experts discussing the exercises, coping strategies, and gratitude to be practiced amongst all the whirlwinds of the screen industry.

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The Atlantic Producers

Presented by Rolling Production Rentals. A new slate of producers is pushing the Atlantic film industry onto the international stage. Find out how they’re doing it.

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Reunite in revelry with a two-level party at Propeller Brewing and the classic 902 Post closing night on Spring Garden Road.

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Morning Networking

Kick off Saturday with the networking session that suits you.

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After two years online, Making Waves returned to a fully in-person event for 2023, bringing back the networking you love, the parties you missed, and the same insightful panels and helpful workshops.

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